As promised, I am following up on Monday’s email to provide more details. All divisions remain on track to meet their cost-saving goals. Yesterday, we finished notifying the 11 staff members who were laid off, which completes by far the most difficult part of confronting the harsh reality of eliminating our $10 million structural deficit.

In addition to the 11 layoffs, we are eliminating 77 positions that are now vacant or will be voluntarily vacated by the end of the fiscal year. Of the 88 total positions being eliminated, 20 are faculty, 39 are exempt staff and 29 are classified staff. We estimate that this will save us approximately $6.1 million in salaries and fringe benefits in FY20. The breakdown of eliminated positions is as follows (a list of positions is online):

Faculty — 20 vacant tenure/tenure-track positions, ~$2.2 million savings (4 percent of total faculty salaries)
Exempt — 6 occupied, 33 vacant, ~$2.6 million savings (6 percent of total exempt salaries)
Classified — 5 occupied, 24 vacant, ~$1.3 million savings (5 percent of total classified salaries)

We anticipate additional savings from the voluntary retirement incentive for tenured faculty members with at least 15 years of service at UNC. The deadline for applications is March 15.

The summary document that will be shared with campus in April will provide further details about savings. It will also account for any new positions that offset savings. We anticipate the need to create a small number of positions as part our ongoing reorganization efforts.

I appreciate your continued willingness to collaborate on this difficult work.

Rowing, Not Drifting,


Andy Feinstein
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