Fellow Bears, 

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that former UNC president Richard Bond passed away on Thursday, October 26.   

Bond came to UNC from Illinois State University in 1971 and served as president until 1981. As the institution’s 9th president, he was committed to the idea of making education as accessible as possible and believed in expanding the university’s role beyond the confines of the campus. During his tenure, Bond worked to position UNC as an innovative, student-oriented, and accessible institution. Even after his retirement, he remained involved in both the Greeley and UNC communities, including actively participating in UNC’s Emeritus Faculty Council.   

Former President Bond was a great leader, and the legacy he left on our university is eternal. While this news is sad, I hope you will join me in celebrating his life and many contributions to the university and broader community. You can read more here.


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Andy Feinstein