Fellow Bears,

I am pleased to announce that today Colorado lawmakers have approved House Bill 24-1231, which will fund the University of Northern Colorado’s proposed College of Osteopathic Medicine. As I shared earlier this semester, Colorado is facing a dire physician shortage, and UNC is prepared to be part of the solution. With the bill now poised for Governor Polis' signature, we take another step closer to seeing our ambitious vision come to fruition. Read the full press release here.

Reaching this milestone is made possible by the tremendous work of many partners, including our legislative sponsors, Representatives Mary Young and Lindsey Daugherty and Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer and Kyle Mullica. I want to thank everyone who has contributed their hard work, support, and advocacy to this important initiative. Please join me in celebrating today’s good news and continue to watch for further updates on our progress and next steps.

  Andy Feinstein.  
Andy Feinstein
President  X.