Dear Campus Community, 

Last week, I sent you the draft of UNC's vision that will be presented to UNC's Board of Trustees on Friday. On the same day I emailed you the vision, the Black Student Union organized a peaceful assembly to denounce racism and white supremacy, both of which have no place on our campus. In response to concerns they expressed about diversity on campus, I spoke with the Greeley Tribune about the work ahead in supporting one of the vision’s pillars, titled “Empower Inclusivity,” and reiterated my pride in students who participated in the BSU-led march for choosing to exercise their First Amendment right in the manner that they did. As you know, this spring we will develop specific goals, strategies and actions in operationalizing our vision. We do not have to wait until then to make progress. I encourage you to treat each other kindly. Incivility and intolerance create a hostile environment that is the antithesis of the community we aspire to be. 

Rowing, Not Drifting,


Andy Feinstein
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