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Volunteer Parking Permits

The following requirements must be met in order to qualify for a Volunteer Parking Permit:

  • The volunteer cannot be employed by the University of Northern Colorado.
  • The volunteer cannot have any other parking permit issued for the same academic year.
  • The volunteer must provide essential duties to the department with which he or she is volunteering.
  • The volunteer must frequently work with campus department or entity.
  • The volunteer must have an upstanding history with Parking Services. Parking Services will take into account citation history and any past violations of Parking Rules and Regulations.

If the volunteer meets all qualifications, a permit request will need to be sent to Ron Eberhard with the volunteer’s name, vehicle information and the location and times in which the volunteer will be working on campus. The use of the Volunteer Parking Permit will be limited to the lots and times necessary for the volunteer to do his or her job.

Abuse of the Volunteer Parking Permit will result in revocation of permit for the remainder of the academic year. If the volunteer is caught using another Volunteer Parking Permit as a result of previous revocation, the additional permit will be revoked as well. The department may request a Volunteer Parking Permit for this person the following academic year if eligible.