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Cornerstone for Professional Administrative Staff

PA employees (and their supervisors) will use Cornerstone for onboarding (starting summer of 2023), for Planning/Evaluations, and for training/development. 

PA Staff Hiring/Onboarding

  • Hiring

    **More information will be coming on how to submit position requests (summer of 2023). 

  • Onboarding

    **More information will be coming on the onboarding experience (summer of 2023). 

PA Training

  • Compliance Training

    Professional Administrative employees are required to take yearly training related to their positions. Compliance training can be found in Cornerstone's dropdown menu (top right corner) >> under Learning >> Learner Home >> Compliance Courses.

    For more information, please visit our COMPLIANCE PAGE

  • Other Training & Development

    Cornerstone will be UNC's new hub for training & development. Through the system employees can access the Professional Development Calendar. Cornerstone will also hold UNC's catalog of online content. In addition to UNC's content, employees can also access a variety of online content with Cornerstone's LinkedIn Learning integration. 

    *Please note, you must have a first.last account to access Cornerstone's library of professional development offerings. 

PA Performance Evaluations

  • Overview

    An evaluation taskforce met throughout 2021-2022 to examine and revise Professional Administrative staff evaluations based on the latest research regarding employee feedback, retention, and motivation. The taskforce create the Employee Success Plan as a way to create a dialogue between employees and supervisors and to provide feedback to employees regarding performance.  

    What are the sections of the new plan?

    Check out our Employee Success Plan Guide

  • Behaviors Associated w/Success: Rating Scale

    Professional Administrative employees will follow a similar rubric for assessment as the new State of Colorado guidelines, using a 5 - point scale. 

  • Performance Cycles Dates

    Performance Evaluations for Professional Administrative coincide with UNC's fiscal years.  July 1 - June 30. 

    Mid-year Review Cycle:

    • Employee Review 12/12/22 to 01/13/23
    • Supervisor Review 01/14/23 to 02/10/23

    Mid-year Reviews will close on February 10. 

    Final Review Cycle:

    • Employee/Supervisor Review 05/01/23 to 06/16/23
    • Signatures Due 06/30/23

    Final Reviews will close on June 30. 

  • Planning Stage

    The planning stage will typically run the first two months of the cycle. 

    • Month 1: Employee has the opportunity to make suggestions
    • Month 2: Supervisor has an opportunity to review employee suggestions and to create/edit objectives. Then, the supervisor will submit the initial plan for the year. 
  • Check-ins & Updating/Creating Objectives

    Throughout the year, employees and supervisors should be meeting and having conversations about employee performance.

    Then, employees and supervisors can document progress to the plan in Cornerstone.

  • Mid-Year Reviews

    Similar to the planning stage, the mid-year review stage will run for two months (typically during December - February to account for the holidays). 

    • Month 1: Employee has the opportunity to update progress and submit their reviews.
    • Month 2: Supervisor has an opportunity to review employee suggestions, create/edit objectives, and provide feedback. Then, the supervisor will submit the mid-year review. 

    Guide: Submitting the Mid-year Review

  • Final Evaluations

    Finally, like the other stages, the final review stage will run for two months (typically May/June). 

    • May 1- June 16: Employees and Supervisors have the opportunity to update progress and submit their reviews.
    • June 16-June 30: Employee and Supervisor must sign the review by June 30.