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Bear PAW

The Bear Physical Activity Week (PAW) camp is designed to provide children in grades K-5 an opportunity to  play fun activities
and learn new skills an exciting week full of physical activity and movement during the summer.  

Ages 5-11 are welcome! Sign up now because there are a limited amounts of spots!

group1                 parachute

Fun Facts:
  • Activities include traditional and nontraditional sports and physical activities aligned with Colorado State Standards for Physical Education
    • Examples: basketball, floor hockey, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, volleyball, and soccer
  • Our Goal: provide campers with a wide-range of movement experiences that enhance motor skills and enjoyment for physical activity
  • Activities taught by Master of Arts in Teaching Physical Education & Physical Activity Leadership (MAT-PEPAL) students
  • Occurs mid-July for one week: Monday-Friday 1:30-4:30 PM in Gunter Hall Gym at UNC