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The UNC Active Schools Institute team provides outreach events for local, state, and national partners
to improve and increase physical activity opportunities.

Bear PAW parachute children

Bear PAW

Physical Activity Week (PAW) camp was created for children in grades K-5 led by UNC's MAT-PEPAL students. Activities will include sports and physical activities that are aligned with the Colorado State Standards for Physical Education. The goal is to provide campers with a wide range of movement experiences that enhance motor skills and are fun to participate in. Learn more about Bear PAW here!

PAL Academy

The Annual Physical Activity Leadership (PAL) Academy is a one-day mini conference for educators and community members interested in school wellness to get together for networking opportunities, learning from others in the field, and sharing resources. Learn more about PAL Academy here!

PAL Academy Peter leading activity break

Tap Talks Dratz Brewing

Tap Talks

Meet and greet with the UNC Active Schools Institute team members at local establishments to network and discuss ways to increase wellness in schools.