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Application Process

Apply to UNC

Regardless of whether you are degree seeking or certificate seeking, the first step is to apply to UNC, as a transfer student using the Undergraduate Application, and selecting Dietetics-seeking as your major.  Once you have received your acceptance to the university, you will apply to the Distance Dietetic Program (DDP) Program by completing the DDP Application Form.

Apply to the DDP

Complete the DDP Application Form and upload to your UNC Application dashboard. If you do not have a place to upload, please make sure you have selected Extended Campus as your site.

You will receive an email communication regarding the status of courses completed toward the dietetics curriculum. The email will come from your advisor, whom you can contact for course transfer questions. You will also develop a plan of study (see Curriculum Guide) in coordination with your advisor.  Application materials may be submitted at any time, but will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the cohort is filled for a particular year.

Review the Admission Requirements

Program and Graduation Requirements

  • All 30 courses listed in the DDP Curriculum Guide must be completed whether or not a degree is desired.
  • Certificate requirements include a previous bachelor’s degree and completion of all 30 courses listed in the DDP Curriculum Guide.
  • Graduation requirements for degree-seeking students are the same as those required by the University:
    • Completion of the Liberal Arts Core requirements - all outstanding LAC courses will need to be approved by UNC Admissions
    • To obtain a degree, a minimum of 120 total credits which must include at least 30 credits from UNC
    • 30 credits from UNC; 20 of those taken last so they are the most recent
  • In addition, you must attain and maintain a 3.0 or greater cumulative GPA, and earn grades of C or better in each individual DPD required course to graduate with the B.S. Dietetics degree and earn a Verification Statement of Program Completion.
  • You must also complete the Senior Assessment Exam to receive a Verification Statement of Program Completion.