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Curriculum and Course Sequence

The Dietetics Program curriculum includes 30 courses, including 9 prerequisite courses and 6 supporting courses. Descriptions of these courses can be found in the Distance Dietetic Program Curriculum Guide. Distance students complete the 15 upper-division food, nutrition and dietetics (FND) courses as part of a distance dietetic cohort. Prerequisite courses listed on the Admissions page are required to be completed before starting in a cohort and are part of the accredited curriculum. Management, marketing, microbiology, biochemistry, and scientific writing are part of the dietetics curriculum and are often transferred in.

For experiential learning, students are required to locate their own sites for the following courses: FND 320-Nutrition Applications in Foodservice, FND 431-Medical Nutrition Intervention, FND 452-Community Nutrition, and FND 446-Foodservice Systems Management.  Specific requirements for finding the sites, activities required and items assessed is available to each student from the instructor teaching the course.  Faculty members will offer assistance to students on finding sites as appropriate.  An affiliation agreement is not required as the experiential learning experiences are for 10 hours or less.  If a site requires an affiliation agreement, the student will need to find another site to complete his/her experience.

Listed below are the on-line DDP cohort courses (15 courses, 31 credits) and the sequence in which they are offered.  Spring and fall semesters follow a 15-week semester format.  Summer session courses are offered in an 8-week format.

The 2023 cohort has already started. The next cohort will start in Fall (August) 2024.

Fall Semester (1st)

  • FND 252 Nutrition in the Life Cycle (3 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 310 Introduction to Foods (2 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 310L Introduction to Foods Lab (2 credits – 15 weeks)

Spring Semester (2nd)

  • FND 370 Nutrition Education & Application Strategies (3 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 430 Nutrition Assessment and Intervention (2 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 430L Nutrition Assessment and Intervention Lab (1 credits – 15 weeks)

Summer Semester

  • FND 320 Nutrition Applications in Foodservice (2 credits – 8 weeks)
  • FND 320L Nutrition Applications in Foodservice Lab (1 credits – 8 weeks)
  • FND 452 Community Nutrition (3 credits – 8 weeks)

Fall Semester

  • FND 410 Professional Development Seminar (2 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 446 Food Service Systems Management (3 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 446L Food Service Systems Management Lab (1 credit – 15 weeks)

Spring Semester

  • FND 431 Medical Nutrition Intervention (2 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 431L Medical Nutrition Intervention Lab (1 credits – 15 weeks)
  • FND 451 Advanced Nutrition (3 credits – 15 weeks)
    (prerequisite is CHEM 381 and CHEM 381L)

UNC's Academic Calendar lists important semester dates.