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Student Resources

Documents and Forms

Declaration of Intent to Complete Form

This form is required if you apply for an internship that has an application deadline prior to completion of all didactic coursework.

Release and Indemnification Form

This form is required when students travel to and from experiential learning sites to meet course requirements.

Request for Letter of Recommendation Form

When you apply for internships, this form is required to assist faculty in knowing you better and writing a precise evaluation.

Student Handbook 2022-2023

You are encouraged to utilize this handbook to learn about and understand important program information and policies.


Canvas is the online course management system used at the University of Northern Colorado.

You will have access to your courses on Canvas on the first day of classes, not before!

Access Your Courses on Canvas

  • USERNAME - first eight (8) characters of the UNC-generated email/Bearmail address
  • PASSWORD - same password used to access Ursa and your email/Bearmail account
  • The email address added to the Canvas system will be your UNC-generated email/Bearmail address. You may forward your UNC email address to a personal email address in User Preferences.

Online Learning Tutorial and Tips

  • Although in online courses you may not see your instructor or the other students in person, many of the same things happen in our Canvas classrooms that happen in a face-to-face class. 
  • Canvas Guides are available online to help you learn and understand more about the online learning management system.

Tips and Technical Requirements

  • Managing course time around your schedule is key for your success. Since in most UNC online courses you are not required to be "in class" at any particular time, it will be up to you to fit course tasks into your busy schedule.
  • Review the minimum technical specifications to avoid issues while attending your online class and submitting your work online.

Frequently Asked Questions