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Connecting Through Color, Students to Paint the Campus Tunnel

October 11, 2021

Every year students have the opportunity to leave their mark on UNC’s campus. Not just in their coursework, but physically through art. Like in years past, the university is inviting students to participate in UNC United: Connecting Through Color, a mural event designed to clean and paint the campus tunnel in a new unique way. The art will not only replace the tunnel’s graffiti but also show campus pride and emphasize the importance of beautification.

Before picking up a paintbrush, the university is requesting design submissions. Those looking to tap into their creative side have until Friday, Oct. 15, at 5 p.m., to submit a design. The submissions must be submitted in groups of three or more.  

Once submissions have been reviewed, several designs will be selected and all students will be notified. Regardless of the designs selected, all students are invited to participate in painting event on Friday, Nov. 5. Food, music and games will also be provided. The location and time are yet to be determined. 

For further questions contact either student coordinator Grace Cheney at chen2828@bears.unco.edu or faculty coordinator John Lake at john.lake@unco.edu 

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