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UNC Lab Receives National Award from Active Schools

active kids in classroom

May 23, 2018

The University of Northern Colorado Active Schools Lab was recently honored nationally for its work addressing physical inactivity and obesity among youth.

The organization, Active Schools, presented UNC with one of two annual Partner of the Year awards in recognition of prioritizing the cause of active schools and supporting schools in implementing physical education and physical activity best practices during the past year.

Above: Elementary students in a local classroom where UNC faculty and students observed their physical activity during the day as part of the Active Schools Lab. 

 “Each year we are proud to recognize partner organizations that have gone above and beyond in their contributions to the movement” said Active Schools Executive Director Charlene Burgeson. “This year, (Online Physical Education Network) and University of Northern Colorado Active Schools Lab truly shined in sharing their expertise and amplifying our movement’s activities to help create active schools for our nation’s kids. We are proud to recognize them as our 2018 Active Schools Partners of the Year."
The UNC lab’s mission is to cultivate active learning settings for Colorado youth through data-informed processes and leadership development in schoolwide physical activity programming.  It supports and connects school communities by providing continuing education for physical activity leadership; data, research, and evaluation services; and evidence-based resource development. As part of a $700,000 “Creating Health Schools” grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, faculty and students involved with the lab have worked with 20 Colorado schools to help them implement physical activity programming.
“Our work — including service to SHAPE America, community engaged scholarship, ongoing professional development, and state-level leadership — all align with the overarching mission of Active Schools and contributes to the cause,” said Professor Russell Carson. “We appreciate what Active Schools means, as well as what it has become.”
Carson and Brian Dauenhauer, assistant professor in Sport and Exercise Science, also serve on Active Schools leadership committees.
“The Active Schools movement is foundational to everything that we do,” Dauenhauer said. “We have been a steady supporter of the movement since its inception in 2013. We anticipate continuing to seamlessly integrate Active Schools in our priorities and future activities.”
Active Schools is a national movement dedicated to helping K-12 schools provide students with at least 60 minutes a day of physical education and before, during and after school physical activity. Only one in three children meet that guideline. Active Schools partners include over 90 health, education and private-sector organizations and 36,000 people throughout the country.
To learn more about Active Schools, visit www.activeschoolsus.org

UNC to Host Physical Activity Conference on July 13

UNC Active Schools Lab will offer the Physical Activity Leader (PAL) Academy, a one-day professional development conference at UNC Gunter Hall. Download the PDF for more details.

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