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Semifinalists announced for Ninth Annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge

December 13, 2017

Ten semifinalists representing healthcare, education, sports and other industries in Colorado have been announced for the ninth annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge (eChallenge) at the University of Northern Colorado.

Semifinalists will present their business concepts on Jan. 30 at UNC’s University Center, 2101 10th Ave. Five finalists will be chosen to compete in a total of $50,000 in prize money and the opportunity to present their business plans to a panel of judges in the final competition at the University Center on March 27.

The 10 semifinalists are:

Boogaloo Beds (Denver, boogaloobeds.com)
Boogaloo Beds improves the lives of people with special needs and their families through innovative products, empowering employment and strong communities. Products focus on improving sleep, safety and sensory environments for people with special needs.

Brainitz, LLC (Colorado Springs, www.brainitz.com)
Brainitz is a web-based tool that allows teachers to take recorded lessons and embed questions throughout the video to ensure understanding. Unlike traditional videos, Brainitz checks for understanding throughout the video and reteaches the student as needed.

Give and Go (Boulder, no website)
Give and Go is a video editing tool that helps sports coaches win more games through automated video editing. This is a software solution that affordably revolutionizes not only sports analytics, coaching and performance, but also how fans view the game.

Guerilla Composting, LTD (Crested Butte, www.guerillacomposting.com)
Guerilla Composting offers residential curbside pick-up of organic waste keeping vital nutrients in the local soil and local food system. The company is currently operating a pilot program in the Crested Butte area.

IDEA it Lab (Broomfield, www.ideaitlab.com)
IDEA it Lab is a “laboratory” for children K-12 to explore and discover the engineering and science of architecture. Students are encouraged to exercise their creativity and apply art, math, problem solving skills in designing and building models. The program is designed to promote active learning through a hands-on approach.

Ketogenie LLC (Boulder, www.ketogenieperks.com)
Ketogenie is a Colorado Cottage Food business selling Ketogenie Perks which are made-to-order treats made with minimal, high quality ingredients for followers of a ketogenic lifestyle. The treats are sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free.

Loop Global Inc. (Fort Collins, www.loopglobalinc.com)
Loop Global is a tube transportation manufacturer that prototypes the future of mobility by combining the car with the internet. It specializes in the ET3 system - the fastest, safest, and most efficient tube travel architecture.

ParkIt LLC (Fort Collins, www.parkit.market)
ParkIt is an online platform that connects university students and staff to nearby homes and businesses with empty parking spaces and driveways. The business automates and simplifies a process that is currently informal and inefficient.

RunABand LLC (Denver, www.runaband.com)
RunABand, the leading band and booking management tool helps secure, schedule and manage gigs quickly and easily. This cloud-based service is designed to help manage the business of a band including communication, scheduling, logistics and finances.

Snow Shed Wax Company (Carbondale, www.snowshedwax.com)
Snow Shed Wax Co. makes a water-based, anti-stick spray that is used to reduce snow and ice buildup on topsheets, climbing skins, and bindings. Snow Shed is also readily biodegradable and is considered non-hazardous to the environment, according to OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard. 

About the eChallenge 

The eChallenge provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive coaching, advice and recommendations that will help them launch their business ideas. The event has been updated to focus on the new knowledge and skills necessary for success in the increasingly competitive and rapidly changing business environment.

“The 2018 eChallenge has been updated following the new strategic initiatives developed by the Monfort College of Business under the leadership of Dean Paul Bobrowski,” said Dr. Dallas Everhart, Monfort Executive Professor and director and for the eChallenge. “The program demonstrates the importance and value for entrepreneurs to partner with the Monfort College of Business.”  

The eChallenge is sponsored in part by KUNC. For more information about the competition visit www.mcb-echallenge.com.

About the Monfort College of Business

The Kenneth W. Monfort College of Business at the University of Northern Colorado is recognized for delivering excellence in business education.  The college has been accredited by AACSB International for 20 years — the “gold standard” for accreditation.  The college is one of an elite few worldwide that are accredited in both business administration and accounting. Over 10 successive years MCB’s graduating seniors have scored in the top 15 percent on nationwide standardized exit exams. For more information, visit MCB’s website at mcb.unco.edu.

About UNC           

UNC is a doctoral research university with premier programs in education, health sciences, business and the performing arts. Founded in 1889 as the state teachers' college, UNC has always worked to promote human understanding and enrich lives. With approximately 13,000 students enrolled, UNC focuses on five areas of engaged learning: research and creative work, civic engagement, global experiences, leadership and professional experience.

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