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Sarah Cornish

Associate Professor of English and Director of Graduate Studies

English Department
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

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Sarah E. Cornish is an associate professor of English and the director of Graduate Studies at UNC where she teaches courses in transatlantic modernism, modern women writers, the middlebrow and film studies. She is co-founder of the Feminist inter/Modernist Association, and her research on the modern city and material culture in interwar and mid-century literature and film focuses particularly on women writers and makers.

Her articles and reviews have been published in Feminist Modernist Studies, Twentieth Century Literature, Virginia Woolf Miscellany, The Space Between Journal, Woolf Studies Annual, and The Rocky Mountain Review. She has a chapter in the MLA volume "Teaching Modernist Women's Writing in English” edited by Janine Utell. She co-edited Woolf and the City: Selected Papers from the Nineteenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf (Clemson UP, 2010).

Sarah organized the joint conference of The Space Between and FiMA at UNC in 2018 and has been a member of The Space Between Society since 2013. On Twitter, you can find Sarah @secornish and FiMA @FiMAssociation.


Modern women writers (American and British)

Women's literary and cultural production of the interwar and WWII period

City and fashion in modern literature