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Robin Brewer

Robin Brewer

Professor Emeritus

School of Special Education

Contact Information

Coordinator of an online certificate program for teaching students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Author of "Strategies at Hand" Strategies for Teaching Students with Autism" and "Strategies at Hand: Quick Positive Behavior Support Strategies." Developer of a Flipped Learning classroom for teacher candidates in Special Education. Specialist in modifying and adapting general education curriculum, teaching children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and teaching students with severe/profound disabilities in inclusive environments. Past president of the Professional Organization for Special Educators – the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC); member of the Council for Exceptional Children’s Divisions (Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities, Autism and Developmental Disabilities and the Teacher Education Division; and TASH, a professional organization advocating for individuals with severe/profound disabilities.


Autism/Asperger Syndrome

Students with Severe/Profound Disabilities

General Ed. Accomodations&Modifications

Special Education

Flipped Learning in Higher Education