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Josh Packard

Josh Packard

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Assistant Director of Social Research Lab

Department of Sociology
College of Humanities & Social Sciences

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Specializes in sociology of health, religion, and education combining interests in communities and inequality. He has an active and applied research agenda relying on university-community partnerships. Author of "The Emerging Church: Religion at the Margins," which focuses on an anti-institutional movement that has created a niche in mainstream Christianity.


Emerging Religion

Involved in large-scale research projects examining the structure of the Emerging Church, Religious "Nones" or unaffiliated, and pathways back to religious affiliation.

Minorities in Higher Education

Examining the importance and impact of racially diverse classrooms and found that people with different backgrounds enhance learning experiences for everyone. Additionally, completed research about women who double major in STEM and non-STEM fields.

Neighborhoods and Health

Increasingly, where we live determines our health outcomes. Current research examines exactly how place affects health and life outcomes.