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Submission Form Tips & FAQs

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Submission Guidelines

  • News items must be from a UNC department or office, a chartered student organization or other UNC-affiliated program and will be accepted only from UNC faculty, staff and students with email addresses ending in unco.edu or bears.unco.edu.
  • The content of news submissions must be directly related to the university and not contain commercial advertising, solicitation or religious or political editorials.
  • Submitted news will be reviewed within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Deadline for submissions to be included in the following day's newsletter is 3 p.m.
  • Approved news will be edited as necessary and placed into the appropriate newsletter, the UNC News website or a news release at the discretion of the news editor.
  • University News and Public Relations staff will edit approved news for accuracy, brevity, clarity and suitability. If a submission is better suited to a different communication vehicle, it will be forwarded. Items that are incomplete or inaccurate or do not meet guidelines will be e-mailed back to the submitter with an explanation. Submitters are encouraged to make necessary changes and resubmit the item. The university reserves the right to review, suspend or deny announcement requests for any reason.
  • For more detailed information about communicating information to members of the university community, read pages 87-91 of University Regulations (PDF).

Tips for Event or Announcement Titles

  • Keep your title short and make it descriptive.
  • Do not use quotation marks in your title.
  • Do not use capitalized words in your event/announcement title. Acronyms are acceptable but should be spelled out in the event/announcement description.

Tips for Event or Announcement Descriptions

  • Descriptions should include appropriate punctuation. Excessive exclamation points will be removed. Do not capitalize words. Acronyms are acceptable on second reference.
  • If your announcement is a call for proposals, nominations, RSVPs, etc., be sure to include the deadline in the description.
  • If appropriate, include a URL for:
      • A webpage with additional/complete information.
      • An online registration or nomination/application form.
      • An online PDF of a flyer or poster containing additional information. Avoid linking to Word or Excel documents.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where Will My Event Or Announcement Appear?

    EVENTS can appear:

    • On UNC’s online calendar, a publicly accessed website with some of the largest visitor numbers of any UNC site.
    • In the “Today’s Events” section of UNC Today,* with each title linking to the event’s listing on the calendar.
    • In Around Campus,* which contains the following category links that open a calendar screen displaying all events for each category during the upcoming two-week period: Sports, Entertainment, Guest Speakers, Important Deadlines, All Events.

    * UNC Today is an e-newsletter for employees published weekdays and emailed to faculty and staff. Around Campus is an e-newsletter for students published weekly during the year. It’s emailed to currently enrolled students’ UNC email accounts (BearMail).

    ANNOUNCEMENTS can appear:

  • Who Determines Where My Submission Appears?

    Staff from the Office of News and Public Relations will determine if your submission is appropriate for an announcement in an e-newsletter and/or the UNC website, or for sharing with media outlets as a news release. 

  • When Will My Event Or Announcement Be Published?

    Events are usually published on the UNC calendar within one business day after being submitted . If an event is selected for an announcement in e-newsletters, the information will appear seven to 10 days in advance of the event, depending on the nature of the event. Announcements that aren’t about events will appear as soon as is practical.

  • How Many Times Does An Announcement Appear In An E-Newsletter?

    Announcements will appear at least one time. Additional appearances are dependent on the nature of the announcement and current volume of announcements. E-newsletters generally contain a maximum of six or seven announcements in order to keep them a “quick read.”

  • Will I Receive Confirmation That My Submission Has Been Received?

    After you click the Submit button on the submission form, you’ll receive a confirmation email that can also be used to review the information you submitted.

  • How Do I Change Event Or Announcement Information?

    For the calendar, you can edit your submission directly by logging in to calendar.unco.edu/login. For announcements, contact public.relations@unco.edu.  Please be specific about what you want changed.

  • Who Do I Contact If I Have A Problem Making A Submission?
    Contact the Office of News and Public Relations at public.relations@unco.edu.