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Visiting Scholar Available for Presentation

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October 11, 2019

The UNC Graduate Student Association (GSA) is searching for any campus groups interested in having Nikki Seymour come and speak on her research and/or areas of expertise. She is a Colorado State University (CSU) Geosciences doctoral student that studies how the Earth's tectonic plates move.

Nikki SeymourSpecifically, Seymour (image at right from CSU Warner College of Natural Resources) studies deformities in rocks in Arizona and was the first researcher to show that tectonic forces dragged these rocks from beneath California to Arizona. Her work provides valuable insight into the history of the tectonic forces that shaped our continent. Inspired by her undergraduate professors and the sense of accomplishment shown by students when they understand a new concept, Seymour will pursue a career as a professor to conduct groundbreaking research and teach the next generation of scientists.

Additionally, she volunteers with the CSU Society of Economic Geologists Chapter and for science advocacy with federal representatives. With policymakers, Seymour shares her passion for her research and geoscience as well as informs about geological issues, such as earthquakes, water-resource storage and resource management. Outside of CSU, Seymour enjoys playing softball with her team of both geology and vet students, the Rockhounds. She also enjoys listening to the Yankees on the radio (when she’s feeling nostalgic for her home in upstate New York), reading historical fiction, practicing yoga and digging into David Attenborough’s documentaries.

If your class, program or organization is interested in having her come in to speak, please email David Shimokawa, director of the GSA, with preferred dates and times. This presentation is part of the UNC GSA’s and CSU Graduate Student Council’s Researcher Exchange Program. The Researcher Exchange program coordinates presentations for visiting graduate and post-doc scholars on UNC and CSU campuses.


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