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UNC Student Shares Experience with 2018 Colorado Free App Day

Free App Day logo and Ann Hrbacek

November 18, 2019

Colorado Springs-native Ann Hrbacek enrolled at the University of Northern Colorado this fall after applying on the 2018 Colorado Free Application Day on Oct. 30, 2018. She’s pursuing Pre-Nursing and plans to graduate in spring of 2023.

She applied to a total of five or six colleges on the 2018 Free App Day and said that she applied on that day due to the costs of college-application fees. Although she wasn’t originally going to apply to UNC and had her sights on some out-of-state schools, the applications being waived made it an easy decision for her to apply to in-state institutions since it was free.

“I discovered that UNC has a Nursing program, and it was the cheapest option for me, and when I visited the campus, I felt really welcomed by the people who gave the tour and everyone I met,” she said. “When I saw the campus, it was so beautiful and felt so open, and I really liked the people and the way I felt while I was here.”

Hrbacek visited three campuses including one in Minnesota and another in Portland but “felt the most at home at UNC.”

While adjusting to college as a freshman can be a struggle, she has met numerous people here who have helped make the change easier including her housing RA, the Tutoring Center and her professors.

“Without the [Colorado Free App Day], I wouldn’t be here without that day,” she said.

Outside of academic life, she also joined the Young Life student group that has also been a huge support in helping her to adjust to college life. She also recommends utilizing the Tutoring Center on campus as she has for her chemistry and biology classes.

When asked what she would say to students on-the-fence about attending UNC: “I would definitely visit the campus because that was a big influence in my decision, and research more about the school because it’s good to know about it, like does the school have your program, how hard is it to get in, etc. I think UNC’s a great school, and I encourage others to come here as there are lots of opportunities to meet people and groups on campus as well as lots of resources to help you.”

About Colorado Free App Day

Colorado Free Application Day encourages high school seniors to apply to a college or university and file their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. UNC has participated in the 2018 and 2019 Free App Days along with all 32 public universities and several private colleges in Colorado in waiving application fees.

Read about the 2019 Colorado Free Application Day at UNC.


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