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Statewide Employee Engagement Survey for Classified Staff

The State of Colorado’s 2019 Employee Engagement Survey will launch on Monday, Nov. 4.

The State of Colorado’s 2019 Employee Engagement Survey will launch on Monday, Nov. 4.

The Employee Engagement Survey helps organizations meet the challenge of managing human capital to improve performance. The State of Colorado has leveraged the survey to drive performance management improvements, increase productivity, increase customer loyalty, retain the best employees and more.

Business research in change management and organizational process design has shown that sustained, successful change can be modeled and repeated, but only if the change strategy reaches deep into the organization and connects with every employee in a meaningful way. Many of the change and improvement methodologies used by organizations today are not based on this crucial concept. Because they do not engage the hearts and minds of all employees in the organization, they fail. The State of Colorado’s Employee Engagement Survey has been specifically designed to overcome this barrier.

Numerous studies over the last few years have repeatedly shown that today’s employees want more. They want a meaningful culture, a good manager and the chance to work and grow using their unique strengths. When these conditions are present, organizations attract and keep the most talented people, and they forge strong, lasting bonds with their constituents.

Research has shown that employees need to feel as though they are significant individuals, engaged in a significant endeavor, in a significant environment. The Employee Engagement Survey will let us know how we are doing as managers and co-workers in building that kind of workplace for one another.

Look for Employee Engagement Survey

PwC is administering this survey, which only takes about 15 minutes to complete. This survey is completely confidential and individual employees’ results will never be shared with anyone at SOC.

Please check your email for announcements and an invitation from PwC to take the online survey. You can also pick up paper copies in HR (Carter 2002). We will launch the survey on Nov. 4. The last day for survey responses is Nov. 15.

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