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A group of UNC staff standing next to each other smiling

Employees Recognized at Annual Staff Recognition Luncheon

University of Northern Colorado staff were honored during the 51st annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, March 29.

University of Northern Colorado staff were honored during the 51st annual Staff Recognition Luncheon and Awards Ceremony on Wednesday, March 29. 

UNC President Andy Feinstein joined Classified Staff Council Acting Chair Roni Secord and Professional Administrative Staff Council Chair Cheyenne Hassebrock in welcoming the staff. During his remarks, Feinstein thanked all dedicated staff members for their commitment in supporting UNC's mission every day. 

"The success of our students relies on a strong team, and that is why one of our strategic plan priorities is to attract and retain excellent staff who feel their contributions are valued and appreciated," Feinstein said. "It is an honor to work alongside so many talented, caring, and passionate staff."

The Professional Administrative Staff Council (PASC)'s Employee of the Year, the Classified Staff Council (CSC)'s Employee of the Year, employees who were nominated and Years of Service milestones are recognized below.

The event also celebrated the milestone Years of Service for staff awardees.

  • Five-Year Service Awards
    Mark Allwein
    Rhonda Anderson
    Kimberley Arnold
    Christina Barnes
    Allyson Barnhart
    Olga Baron
    Megan Bauer
    Kathleen Beilmann
    Rachel Borum
    Sarah Chase
    Kimberli Clock
    Patricia Craig
    Sonya DeWitt
    Debra Hjelle
    Janis Hooper
    Sean Johnson
    Diadree Kosec
    Michael Lazio
    Melissa Lea
    Joél Orozco Almeida
    Susan Pryor
    Amy Riley
    Angela Rockwell
    Orlando Serna
    Marcela Swain
    Rachel Walton
    Kyle Watson
    Nicky Weglin
    Cindy Wesley
    Duston West
    Nick Wolf
  • 10-Year Service Awards
    Kim Betz
    Christopher Cobb
    Dean Heine
    Guadalupe Lujan
    Esta Lukemire
    Matthew Mondragon
    William Rutt
    Olga Sanchez
    Tyler Weaver 
  • 15-Year Service Awards
    Justin Davis 
    Maria De Refugio Luna De Perez 
    Joy Elder
    Patrick Gallagher
    Bradley Hulse
    Terrence Kattner
    Kathy Martin
    Harley Odenbaugh
    Gonzalo Quinonez
    Janice Riegel
    Daniel Ries
    Jennifer Rodriguez
    Cheri Shomers
    John Trammell
  • 20-Year Service Awards
    Ted Cain
    Beckie Croissant
    Jenna Finley
    Maria Perez
    David White
  • 25-Year Service Awards
    Maria Silva de Vasquez
    Connie Villalobos
  • 30-Year Service Awards
    Tammie Etl
    Mark Gonzales
    Janice Williams

Both classified and professional staff were honored for their contributions to students and the university.

  • Classified Staff of the year Nominations
    Rhonda Anderson
    Pam Balzer
    Jennifer Beck
    Keyleigh Gurney
    Lucinda Ogden
    Rosanna Parks
    Janice Riegel
    Tina Rockwell
  • Professional Staff of the Year Nominations
    Jennifer Ayers
    Megan Bauer
    Rachel Borum
    Vince Carter
    Rebecca (Beckie) Croissant
    Loree Crow
    Cristóbal  Garcia
    Amanda Graham
    Lynne Huff
    Jorge Jáquez-Márquez
    Rosa Law
    Deborah Lewis
    Stephen Loveless
    Kathy Martin
    M'lyn Miller
    Kirsten Ranalli
    Jala Randolph
    José Davíd Reynoza
    Olivia Ríos 
    Cheryl Sparks
    Stephanie Stephens
    Audry Stutler
    Rebecca Thompson
    Grace Turner

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