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COVID-19: News and Campus Updates

Strategic Enrollment and Student Success Update

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November 25, 2019

Campus Colleagues,

The Strategic Enrollment and Student Success planning teams continue to make progress implementing strategies to increase new student enrollment while improving student success outcomes. We are pleased to share a summary of the great work and contributions from many members of the campus community. In collaboration with Provost Anderson, key performance indicators have been established for each Action Team to prioritize objectives with the highest likelihood to increase enrollment of fall 2020 applicants and retain current students. See below:

Peer Mentor Survey Request

We are collecting data on programs who use peer mentors formally, including paid and unpaid positions. For the purposes of this survey, we recognize that many units employ students to provide peer to peer services and support. We are only interested in intentionally designed and structured programs for the purposes of peer to peer support. If your area offers peer to peer support, please complete the survey or share with colleagues that oversee a peer to peer program.

Course Registration Nudges

Registration for spring classes is well underway. One of the best things we can do to collectively work on retention as a campus is to ask students about registering for spring classes. We know that students face challenges and barriers during the registration process for a variety of reasons and often an inquiry from a faculty or staff member is what a student needs to successfully navigate the registration process. Student Success is Everyone’s business!

Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Action Team 1

  • Goal: Increase Fall 2020 yield for First time/Full time from 21.5% to 30%
  • KPI’s: Admit numbers, deposits, housing registration, orientation registration, tour registration, and class profile (academic, demographic, and residency)

Action Team 2

  • Goal: Increase Fall 2020 yield for transfers from 47.2% to 55%
  • KPI’s: Admit numbers, deposits, class registration, orientation registration, tour registration, top 5 Colorado community college application activity, and Aims2UNC participation

Action Team 3

  • Goals: Create Integrated Network Committee, implement a campus CRM, and establish college based welcome events modeled after Monfort College of Business
  • KPI’s:  Create three first-year priorities for Integrated Network, CRM selected and awarded by April 3, 2020, monitor future term course registrations, and explore coordination and assignment of advisors/contacts for new entering first-year and transfer students

Action Team 4

  • Goals: Increase fall to fall retention from 56% to 63% for students admitted with <3.0 HSGPA, finalize program changes to health sciences degree, and establish benchmarks for first-year college of business students
  • KPI’s: Increase fall to spring retention for student <3.0 HSGPA from 79% to 85%, increase fall to fall retention from 56% to 63%, and monitor spring and fall course registration activity

Find more information and monitor SESS progress.  

What’s Next?

  • Campus community members will have access to an Admissions dashboard for point in time comparison of admit and deposits displayed by academic profile, college, program, ethnicity, and residency. A UNC Today announcement will publicize the availability of the dashboard and further information.
  • An enrollment dashboard is being created to monitor key SESS metrics including: point in time registration patterns for the next term, individual course withdrawals, and progress on population specific goals.

We sincerely thank Action Team co-chairs and all team members for their continued effort and commitment to meeting and exceeding SESS goals.

Go Bears!

Joan Clinefelter, SESS Plan Co-Chair and Professor of History

Sean Broghammer, SESS Plan Co-Chair and Interim Assistant Vice President for Strategic Enrollment


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