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waste-sanitation worker poses for the camera

    Photos: Life in Greeley During the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Woody Myers, UNC’s staff photographer, has captured the new way of life for families in and around Greeley during the Colorado stay-at-home order made due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    Woody Myers, the University of Northern Colorado’s staff photographer, has captured the new way of life for families in and around Greeley during the Colorado stay-at-home order made due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

    “I grew up in Greeley and have a soft spot in my heart for this community,” Myers said. “Having the opportunity to photograph some of the amazing people who are part of this community over the past couple of weeks has been an absolute pleasure … from a distance.”

    Myers, who has worked as UNC’s photographer since 2001, uses a 200mm long lens in order to safely capture the images from the street or sidewalk.

    “It allows me to do what I truly love: capturing moments,” he said. “It thrills me to see that people appreciate it, and these people can be seen by friends and loved-ones.”

    Woody Myers
    Woody Myers. Photo courtesy of Harper Point Photography.

    Top image:A waste-management professional poses for a photo while working in Greeley. Photo by Myers.

    View Some of Myers’ Photographs:

    Wasson fam
    Robert and Patricia Wasson.

    Students moving out due to COVID-19
    Kari Tamblyn and Ben moving out of their off-campus house in Greeley.

    Mother with daughter outside
    Amanda Lucio with her daughter.

    Dana Kohler with daughters
    Dana Kohler, UNC’s associate director of Operations and Visit Services, and her two children drew “Happy Bday, Cora” in chalk to celebrate.

    Henderson family
    The Henderson family wishing their daughter Cora a happy 8th birthday with a banner.

    Birthday sign on soccer goal with girls
    Cora and Savannah Henderson celebrating Cora’s 8th birthday.

    Cook family
    The Cook family sitting on their front stoop.

    Janel Laza, Luke Longmire with dog
    Janel Laza, Luke Longmire and their dog, June Bug.

    Mcbain fam with cat
    Deena McBain, her daughter and their cat, Shadow.

    Shiba fam
    Kelsey Shiba, Ollie and Jim White.

    Student playing drums outside
    Dylan Shay playing drums in an empty Glenmere Park in Greeley.

    Two women holding animals
    Tam Thomson and Chelsie Romulo, an assistant professor of Geography, GIS, and Sustainability at UNC, showing off their herd of a chick, a guinea pig and two of their dogs.

    Lackey fam
    Alicia Lackey (far right), an assistant principal at Greeley Central High School, with her brother and her twin daughters, who turned 16 in April.

    Twins celebrating a birthday
    Happy 16th birthday to the Lackey twins.

    Oziah fam
    The Oziah family. Jess Oziah (far right) is the assistant principal at Chappelow K-8 Arts Magnet School as well as a UNC alumna where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education.

    Dunbar fam
    Bryan, Kristi and Taylor Dunbar with their dog, Paisley.

    Cheramy fam
    The Cheramy family in Nunn, Colorado. Katelyn Cheramy (far right) graduated from UNC in 2006 and plans to assist in an upcoming class at UNC for educators and educators-in-training.

    Solis fam
    Solis family with their dog, Xena.

    Frederick-Law fam
    Frederick-Law family wearing their Hawaiian shirts. Both Kim and Jason Frederick-Law are UNC alumni. Their son (in the black and green Hawaiian shirt, second from the left) is a freshman at Greeley Central High School as well as a dual-enrollment student at UNC where he’s taking math courses.

    Lady sitting in chair outside
    Louise Wilson lounging in her yard.

    Mash fam
    The Mash family.

    Haggins fam wearing masks
    Celebrating Easter and a birthday in the Haggins family. Annmarie Haggin received her master’s degree in reading at UNC in 1995, and Mike Haggin attended UNC from 1986-90. Their daughter, Ainsley, celebrated her 13th birthday on Easter (the day this photo was taken) and is a student at D6 Chappelow Arts and Magnet School.

    Mccartin fam
    The McCartin family with their dogs, Chai and Cliff. Lyda McCartin is the interm director of UNC’s Center for Enhanced Teach and Learning, and her husband is a police officer in Greeley.

    Mary Luca Roger Sherman fam
    Mary Lucas, Roger Sherman and their family. Lucas and Sherman are retired employees of UNC who directed the School of Performing and Visual Arts’ stage-design tech department.

    Brown fam
    The Brown family. Andrew Brown is a police officer in Garden City.

    Bliss fam
    The Bliss family. Lee Bliss (far left) is on the front lines during the pandemic as a registered nurse at the new UCHealth Hospital in Greeley.

    Coan fam with easter bunny mask
    Easter with the Coan family.

    Matt Hoelscher and alli valtakis
    Matt Hoelscher and Alli Valtakis.

    Crabtree fam
    The Crabtree family in the Crabtree Brewing Company in Greeley. Jeff Crabtree (second to the left) is a UNC alumnus and owns the brewery.

    Scott McLean Judy Bott walking with masks
    Scott McLean and Judy Bott walking around the neighborhood in Cranford. McLean is a retired from UNC where he worked on the Facilities team.

    Sandy Shatki teaching online belly dancing lessons
    Sandy Shatki teaching belly-dancing lessons online in the basement of her and Myers’ home.

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