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Open Educational Resources Awardees Announced

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May 14, 2020

The University of Northern Colorado Open Educational Resources (OER) Committee has announced the  2020 faculty OER awardees. The committee, made up of faculty, students and staff from across campus, reviewed numerous applications and made the recommendations for funding.

The stipend supports faculty members to transform a course, by utilizing — and in some cases creating — OER. These resources save students money and allow for teaching innovations related to open pedagogy; the courses will be taught in fall of 2020.

OER Course Adopt—Adapt—Create Award for Pairs or Teams ($3,000 Award)

  • Deborah Agar and Margaret Berg (Teacher Education)
  • Heeseung Lee and Jittapim Yamprai (Music)
  • Michael Ortiz and Kelly Cook (History)
  • Karina Sanchez, Rob Reinsvold, Scott Franklin and Lauryn Benedict (Biological Sciences)

OER Course Adopt—Adapt—Create Award for Individuals ($2,000 Award)

  • Nancy Geisendorfer (Mathematical Sciences)
  • Jeff Gilis (Nutrition and Dietetics)
  • David Greene (Human Services)
  • Jeri Kraver (English)
  • Brian Rose (Teacher Education)
  • Amanda Rutter (Teacher Education)
  • Kathy Sullivan (Nursing)

Award winners Lee and Yamprai said, “We are committed to providing updated educational information and perspectives by consulting a textbook that includes tested contents by OER community members, while creating a new OER text that better represents the changing world of music in America, in conjunction with our pedagogical goals and the interests and needs of our diverse student populations.”

Funding is provided by a grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and UNC’s Office of the Provost.

Questions? Please contact jen.mayer@unco.edu or oscar.levin@unco.edu.


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