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Employees Recognized During Appreciation Week

UNC employees were honored during this year's Employee Appreciation Week. This annual event recognizes and celebrates everyone who makes UNC a special place.

University of Northern Colorado employees were honored during this year's Employee Appreciation Week, which took place from March 1 to 5. This annual event recognizes and celebrates everyone who makes UNC a special place. 

View the notes of gratitude shared that thanked individuals and areas of campus this year.

Employees who were nominated, retirees and Years of Service milestones are recognized below. The Professional Administrative Staff Council (PASC)'s Employee of the Year is Rosa Law, director of the Monfort College of Business' Advising Center, and Classified Staff Council (CSC)'s Employee of the Year is Ilissa Alexander, assistant director of Recruitment Systems. 

Rosa Law and Klawz
Above: Rosa Law, director of the Monfort College of Business' Advising Center, was recognized as the PASC Employee of the Year.

Illissa Aleander EOY 2021

Above: Ilissa Alexander, assistant director of Recruitment Systems, was
recognized as the CSC Employee of the Year. 

  • Classified Employee of the Year: Ilissa Alexander

    ILISSA ALEXANDERIlissa Alexander, assistant director of Recruitment Systems

    Alexander received two nominations from immediate and partner colleagues on campus. Among the remarks shared included:

    “Ilissa has dedicated years to UNC and this year she held the Office of Admissions together. From getting tasks done to leading conversations, Ilissa was someone who everyone could count on. She didn't see herself as a leader but she never left anyone behind.”

    “Ilissa is the hardest working individual I have ever met! She consistently goes above and beyond to make sure her team, the Office of Admissions, and the university is supported. She puts in late nights and early mornings to ensure the CRM system so many of us rely on for our daily tasks is up and running. She doesn't expect recognition for the amazing work she does, and that is why she is so deserving of this award. She is the type of person any co-worker, boss, or institution would be lucky to have on the team.”

  • Professional Employee of the Year: Rosa Law

    Rosa LawRosa Law, director of the Advising Center in the Monfort College of Business

    Law received six nominations for the PASC employee of the year. Among the remarks shared included:

    “To say that Rosa goes above and beyond in her job duties is an understatement. She has immense dedication to her job and the University. As director of Advising for MCB, Rosa oversees all operations of the MCB Advising Center, advises a large caseload of current Business and Software Engineering majors as well as works with each transfer student and Aims2UNC student entering a business major. She participates in outreach to struggling students and those on academic probation, creates programming to help all students, and keeps track of all of this in advising software programs. Throughout her day, she finds ways to personally connect with each student and remembers crucial details about their lives. When it comes to students, Rosa is a strong advocate with a huge heart. Students come first in her world.”

    “Rosa exemplifies everything it means to be student-first at UNC. She consistently goes above and beyond when working with students in meeting their academic and professional goals. I've come to know Rosa better over the past couple of years as advisors from across campus have come together to share knowledge and processes. Rosa's consistent willingness to put students first and collaborate with her colleagues makes her an excellent nominee for this award.”

The event celebrated the milestone Years of Service for staff awardees.

  • Retirees
    • Helen Reed
    • Diana Algiene-Henry
    • Debi Dyer
    • David Nalley
    • Eugene Sheehan
    • Janine Walker
    • Lori Ball
    • Theresa Lane
    • Minerva Dent
    • Colleen Stewart
    • Deborah Springer
    • Shan Watkins
    • John Godman
    • Patricia Cleary
    • Teresa Sugi
    • Diana Moore
    • Roberta Oschner
    • Cateline Corbin
    • Tom Giggy
    • Theresa Steele
    • Ken Gallegos
    • Nancy Becker
    • Debra Kinzer
    • Patricia Chapman
    • John Vestecka
    • Tim Lilly
    • Allyn Clay
    • Diane knight
    • Cindy Budde
    • Dona Munch
    • Craig Cleveland
    • Luvina Lozano
    • Brenda Hillman
    • Angelita Roel
    • Michael O’Hare
    • Sandy Warner
    • Heidi Swanson
    • Susan Wehrenberg
    • Michael Schuch
  • Five-Year Service Awards
    • Albert Briggs
    • Allison Grant
    • Andrea Torres
    • Bradley Parker
    • Bryson Kelly
    • Chad Pohja
    • Chelsie Beller
    • Christopher Perkins
    • Dean Marsden
    • Derek Herbert
    • Diane Kull
    • Douglas Blasi
    • Dustin Brown
    • Elizabeth Gonzalez-Medina
    • Emily Perkins
    • Heidi Romero
    • Jennifer Knock
    • Jennifer Major
    • Johana Flores
    • John Matero
    • Jordan Bode
    • Joshua Kolb
    • Joy Andrews
    • Juan Flores
    • Jun Hashiwaki
    • Katrina Jones
    • Katy Mossberg
    • Ken Clavir
    • Kendra Schneider
    • Kevin Robinson
    • Kimberli Clock
    • Kirsten Gilderhus
    • Kyle Mathes
    • Lindsey Weigle
    • Maria Flores
    • Meagan Crews
    • Micah Chartier
    • Nicholas Kiggins
    • Nicole Morse
    • Norma Juarez
    • Ofelia Saenz
    • Patrick Johnson
    • Rebecca Dell
    • Reyna Gomez
    • Rodolfo Vargas
    • Rosa Crespo Saenz
    • Ryan Pfeifer
    • Seferino Gurule
    • Susan Jewell-Klema
  • 10-Year Service Awards
    • Carl Iwasaki
    • Ceri Turnbeaugh
    • Christina Barnes
    • Curtis Benton
    • Daniel Satriana
    • Douglas Secord
    • Kellie-Ann Goya
    • Lisa Hudson
    • Margaret McKeown-Kelley
    • Marvin Somero
    • Matthew Goetzel
    • Mellany Archer
    • Quinn Ehrman
    • Renee Gilkey
    • Sean Menard
    • Shonna Ulibarri
    • Susan Wheeler
    • Tiffany Pendleton
    • Tiffany Wood
    • Todd Snizek
    • Troy Larson
    • Victoria Niccum
  • 15-year service awards
    • Allison Steg Haskett
    • Chad Rees
    • Deidra Schaeffer
    • Edith Dolben
    • Francisca Garza
    • Geoffrey Shrieves
    • Jay Dinges
    • Jennifer Beck
    • John Wieser
    • Joshua Covelli
    • Jude Maes
    • Kathleen Crider
    • LaNae Phillips
    • Lee Nelson
    • Leilani Johnson
    • Lucinda Ogden
    • Margaret Schneider
    • Michele Dezelick
    • Robert Richey
    • Sherri Frye
    • Sherry Schriver
    • Vincent Carter
  • 20-Year Service Awards
    • Brenda Schuch
    • Bret Naber
    • Carol Steward
    • Leah Bookman
    • Shaun Herrera
    • Tobias Guzmán
  • 25-Year Service Awards
    • David Powers
    • Edward Rangel
    • Mark Printz
    • Stephanie Torrez
  • 30-Year Service Awards
    • Kirk Leichliter
    • Paula Munoz
  • 40-Year Service Award
    • Harvey Rude

Both classified and professional staff were honored for their contributions to students and the university.

  • Classified Employee of the Year Nominees
    • Ilissa Alexander
    • Jennifer Beck
    • James Chavez
    • Rosalie Duffer
    • Sandy  Gelatt
    • Janis Hooper
    • Diana Kelly
    • Rob Myers
    • Janice  Riegel
    • Jennifer Rodriguez
    • Heidi Romero
    • Samuel Salazar
    • Doug Secord
    • Timothy "TC" Tucker
    • Susan Wheeler
  • Professional Employee of the Year Nominees
    • Megan Bauer
    • Whitney Bonner
    • Vince Carter
    • Monica Coverdale
    • Scott Kellogg
    • Lynette Kerrigan
    • Berry Kroeger
    • Rosa Law
    • Deb  Miller
    • Nicole Morse
    • Ann O'Connor
    • Robert Parish
    • Chris Perkins
    • Evan Rattenborg
    • Nancy Schindele
    • Cheryl Sparks

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