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Celebrating the Graduating Class of 2022

April 29, 2022

In May, approximately 1,445 students will graduate from the University of Northern Colorado representing 13 international countries, 47 states and 46 Colorado counties. The graduates range in age, interests and backgrounds and forged different paths and obstacles to reach their goals.

Take a deeper look at six of the unique graduates, including a 78-year-old man who lived the history he studied, a record-breaking swimmer striving for Olympic gold, a performer eyeing the New York stage, a California business guru already successful in the field, an educator taking on a mountain of roles to support the youth and a future veterinarian who dealt with an inconceivable loss en route to her degree.

Kent Trompeter

78-Year-Old Graduate, Veteran Brings History to Life in the Classroom 

When newly minted teacher Kent Trompeter steps into his classroom to teach in the fall, he’ll be bringing with him a lifetime of experiences – and stories – that not every 2022 college graduate can match.

Madelyn Moore

Greatest UNC Swimmer Strives for Moore 

Madelyn Moore is the most successful swimmer at UNC to date. In the 2021-2022 season alone, Moore placed first 20 times, was awarded the Western Athletic Conference Swimmer of the Year and represented Team Bermuda at the World Championships.

Vi Dang

Jack of all Trades, Master of Many

Out of the many talents Vi Dang has, and the list is long, being able to make their dreams a reality is near the top. Their creative energy is nothing if not contagious. 

“I've always been a person who wanted to experience everything I could.”

Irene Mendoza

Transfer Student Finds Direction, Independence and Endless Opportunities

Well before graduating, Irene Mendoza has already began her career in social media marketing and would love to continue that work in the fashion industry. But if that doesn’t work out, she’s eager to do something of her own. 

Sierra Jarmon

Making the Leap to College and Finding Community

After the most devastating event happened to Sierra Jarmon and her family, the future veterinarian clung to a new community and mentors in order to achieve her goals.

Ryan Quintana

Perseverance Pays Off for Education Graduate, Dad of Six

Ryan Quintana could write a book on time management. He finished his degree in Elementary Education while working full-time for Amazon, helping his wife with her daycare business and being dad to his six kids ranging in age from four to 17.


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