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Controlled Gas Flaring Possible Near Bishop-Lehr

McKee Hall area

September 13, 2018

Starting at about 8 a.m. Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 17-18), Atmos Energy crews and contractors may conduct controlled natural gas flaring at intersections in Greeley as part of routine maintenance to pipelines in the area. Intersections include 11th Avenue and 20th Street near Bishop-Lehr Hall. If the flaring is necessary, you may notice a large, controlled flame and moderate noise in the area for about three to four hours. Greeley fire department, sheriff department, police department, city officials, and 911 operators have been advised of the flaring. An industry-standard practice, flaring safely burns natural gas that must be removed from a pipeline before it can be worked on. For more information, go to https://atmosenergy.kzoplatform.com/swf/player/92.


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