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My UNC Mobile App to Improve Student Experience

Nueva aplicación My UNC Mobile mejorará la experiencia estudiantil

With this technological update, the new My UNC mobile app offers a better digital experience, ensuring the UNC community is well-informed through enhanced functionality.

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is excited to launch a new and improved My UNC mobile app, which will replace the older UNC Mobile app on June 30. This change marks the beginning of a broader effort to modernize and streamline the university's digital resources for students, faculty and staff and  UNC's enterprise resource environment.  

Wade Bumgarner, director of Enterprise Systems and Technology Experience and project manager for the new app, shared that the new and improved My UNC mobile app is more than just an updated version of its predecessor. Unlike the first-generation app, which was heavily menu-driven and required multiple clicks to access different functionalities, the new app reduces complexity and enhances user engagement.  

"In the past, students mainly used the old app for checking course schedules and grades," said Bumgarner. "However, usage tended to drop off significantly after the first few weeks of the semester. With the new app, we hope to keep students engaged throughout the semester by adding more integrated and useful features."

 "The new app will significantly improve efficiency, especially during events like new student orientation,"

–Wade Bumgarner

Users will find the same data and features from the previous app but with new innovative and personalized features, including:

  • Personalized Dashboards: Customize your dashboard for quick access to essential information and resources.
  • Interactive Campus Maps: Navigate campus easily with detailed maps and searchable locations.
  • Consolidated Calendar: A consolidated calendar offers one-click access to UNC Events and Athletics events. An Events and Activities card provides access to BearConnect, Arts Calendar, UNC Ticket Office, and UNITE series.
  • Engaging Experience: Stay connected with campus events and activities tailored to your interests.  

In the next two years, the university will make additional significant enhancements such as incorporating features from the university’s Ursa portal and will eventually replace Ursa on both the My UNC app and on my.unco.edu. 

As of June 30, the older UNC Mobile app will be completely obsolete. Students and faculty are encouraged to download the new My UNC app as soon as possible to ensure a smooth transition.  

"One of our main goals is to make sure students are not caught off guard by this change when they return for the new semester," said Bumgarner. "We are putting in substantial effortss to promote the app and ensure everyone is prepared." 

One of the most anticipated features of the My UNC app is the direct integration with UNC’s student information systems (Canvas). This will eventually allow students to perform tasks such as course registration directly from the app, eliminating the need for a computer. 

"The new app will significantly improve efficiency, especially during events like new student orientation," said Bumgarner. "We want to provide a comprehensive tool that meets all student needs." 

This project, backed by a $1.2 million grant from the state, involves migrating to a more modern platform, Ellucian SaaS, which will be completed by October 2025. 

To ensure the app evolves to meet user needs, Baumgarner’s team is using Google Analytics to see how students interact with the app. This information will be used to analyze and address student and non-student needs to refine the app's functionalities. 

"We are also going to rely on feedback from the campus community," said Bumgarner. "Our goal is to continuously improve the app based on real user interactions and needs. With help of our campus partners we are constantly finding ways to improve its functionality, always with the students in mind." 

The transition to the My UNC app is part of UNC's strategic move toward a unified digital experience. With the integration of various platforms and the addition of new functionalities, the app aims to be a central hub for all university-related activities. With the integration of various platforms and the addition of new functionalities, the app aims to be a central hub for all university activities. 

"We're excited about the potential of the My UNC app to transform how our community interacts with university services," said Bumgarner. "This is just the beginning, and we look forward to rolling out more features that will make life easier for everyone at UNC." 

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