UNC Approved Email

Legitimate Emails

In an effort to unify the process for reporting conflicts of interest and commitment related to consulting and other professional activities, an Annual DIsclosure process has  (2020), all faculty, administrators, and exempt staff will need to complete an Annual Disclosure via the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs' online system, Streamlyne Research. Messages coming from @unco.streamlyne.org are legitimate emails. Below is an example of an email notification you may receive. 

From: Streamlyne Research <production-research@unco.streamlyne.org>

Subject: [External] Annual COI Disclosure Reminder

Sample Message:

This is a reminder that your Annual Conflict of Interest Disclosure is due on 2020-10-15. WIthin Streamlyne navigate to Main Menu > Conflict of Interest > Annual DIsclosure + to initiate your Annual COI Disclosure. **This message originated from outside UNC. Please use caution when opening attachments or following links. Do not enter your UNC credentials when prompted by external links.** 

For more info please contact:

  • The Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
  • Technical Support Center (TSC)