Wade Bumgarner Director


picture of Wade Bumgarner

Team Mission: 

The Office of Enterprise Systems & Technology Experience (ESTE) mission is to support and uphold IM&T as they work to support of university's strategic planning. It also provides data, analysis and projections for planning and decision-making; coordinates the design, implementation and analysis of major institutional studies, reports official data in internal and external reports; and assists other offices in obtaining and analyzing information

In addition, Information Management & Technology supports faculty, staff, students and administrative departments in their use of information technology to successfully achieve their said missions. This is accomplished through the application of technical expertise, consulting and training.

  • DAS
    Database & Administrative Solutions

    Dave Powers - IT Supervisor

    • Mark Ehrlick
    • Josh Follett
    • Scott Kellogg
    • JR Matero
  • IAS
    Identity & Azure Solutions
    • Trevor Lucas
    • Michael Maestas
    • Ethan Mondy
    • Robert Myers
  • SDI
    Software Development & Integration

    Joe Janus - Assistant Director

    • Jordan Bode
    • Joshua Kolb
    • Doug Secord
    • Garrett Wheeler