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McNair Scholars Program

The Political Science faculty works closely with the McNair Scholars Program by supervising theses. Students have written theses on a wide variety of topics, including: 

  • “The Centrism Debate: What Makes Israel Unique?” Leslie Dias
  • “Cultural Foundations of Chinese International Behavior” Aundrea Montano
  • “The Youth Vote: How a Generation Will Re-Shape American Politics” Donnae Wahl
  • “Killing for Profit: An Inquiry into the Relationships among Historical Colonial Ties, the Mining of Diamonds, Mercenary Activities, and the Decline in State Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa” Joseph Delgado
  • The Influence of Print Media on Public Policy Decisions: A Case Study of Colorado Referendum C and D” Loryn Cesario
  • Solidifying the Rawlsian Conceptions of Communities, Associations, Social Unions and Noncomparing Groups within his Theory of Justice as Fairness” Rene Mullen
  • “Pacific Islander Access to Underrepresented Minority Scholarships and Fellowships” James Kawika Riley
  • “Social and Civic Participation in Higher Education: Are Students Becoming Better Citizens?” Jory Taylor
  • “Is America Exceptional? Ideology, Class Consciousness, and the Welfare State” Shelly Mock