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Honors Program

The Honors program provides the opportunity for students to work on an in-depth project of their choice. Admission to the Honors Program is done through the Honors program. Requirements include university wide courses and a thesis, advised by a department faculty member.

Past Honors Theses in Political Science

  • Globalization and terrorism : the extent to which extremism is the result of efforts to homogenize/  Sophia Lorenzo.                   
  • Twentieth century Russian culture's effect in shaping the relationship between leaders and led/ Joann Kinsey.
  • The American Crisis : Modern Health Care In The U.S. / Mason J. Smith.
  • Two peoples' pursuit of happiness : retributive justice in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict / Jordan M. Odo.
  • Democratization in Taiwan and its effects on political sovereignty / Elisa Chen.
  • The legal classification of Pacific Islander Americans : a history and analysis / James Kawika Riley.
  • An analysis of Lebanon : a movement from civil war to civil society / Jonathan Shumate.
  • The world-view of Renaissance Florence : art, ideology, and social structure / Lisa Weilminster.
  • Feminism and welfare : the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act / Michelle M. Devitt-Mather.
  • Globalization and the Mayan community / Murry Streetman.
  • The dynamics of Security Council membership reform / Jeanette A. Alberg.
  • The decaying American dream : an examination of the decline from post-war prosperity to current stagnation / Shanna E. Wasserman.
  • Relationships between LDCs and the international economic system / Gordon G. Smith.
  • Of man and the possessive market : Hobbesian bourgeois theory / Tracy A. Meyer.
  • Insurgent terrorism: a study of concepts, practices, and responses / Steven D. Burke.
  • Racism in the Weld County judicial system / Michael David Musgrave.
  • Handbook for the Division Clerk : Division I District Court Nineteenth Judicial District of Colorado, Weld County / Alan Wendell Anderson.