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Student Clubs & Activities

The two main student activities take place on a yearly basis, the Air Force Academy Conference and the Model Arab League.

Air Force Academy Conference

Every year two students are selected to attend the annual conference held at the Air Force Academy.  All expenses are paid.

Convened annually since 1959, the Academy Assembly is an undergraduate student conference held by the United States Air Force Academy, co-sponsored with Columbia University’s American Assembly. The symposium brings together approximately 75 students from over 50 universities across North America for a meaningful, proactive debate on current national and international issues.

Model Arab League

Model Arab League is a student-run group that participates annually in a regional conference, at which UNC and many other Western institutions assume the identities of individual Arab states and proceed to debate topics pertaining to the Arab world, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, petropolitics, civil unrest, and women’s rights.  The UNC group begins preparing for the conference in the fall semester by studying the politics of the region, becoming well-versed in parliamentary procedure, and participating in mock sessions.

The Department of Political Science and International Affairs is proud to sponsor this program involving some of our most outstanding students.  In recent years, UNC Political Science and International Affairs students received an impressive number ad array of awards, including, for example, Outstanding Delegate for the Social Affairs Committee, Outstanding Delegate for the Joint Defense Committee, and Outstanding Delegate for the Political Affairs Committee.

Most impressive is the fact that the UNC Delegation as a whole has also in the past won the highest honor of the Model Arab League, the award for Outstanding Delegation or First Place!

Law Club

As part of the Pre-Law program, students are also encouraged to join Law Club. Please see the Pre-Law Program page for more information.