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Information for Current and Prospective Students


In addition to meeting with their advisor, students should review their four year plan and catalog entry for their program.

Clubs & Activities

Information on the Air Force Academy Conference, the Model Arab League, and the Law Club.


The Department of Political Science & International Affairs offers internships for academic credit in a variety of exciting and educational settings during spring, summer and fall semesters.


These are the scholarships that are specific to Political Science majors or include Political Science majors in their criteria. There are many others that are available. For further information on these and other scholarships, along with information about financial aid, go to the Office of Financial Aid.

Honors Program

The Honors program provides the opportunity for students to work on an in-depth project of their choice.

McNair Scholars Program

The Political Science faculty works closely with the McNair Scholars Program by supervising theses.


The faculty in the Political Science and International Affairs Department is committed to providing students with a traditional liberal arts education that emphasizes critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills. This type of education prepares student for a very wide variety of careers.