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Gender Studies Club

The Gender Studies Club is currently on hiatus and may return at some point in the future. For questions, please contact Chris Talbot.

The Gender Studies Club is an academic and social club designed for people interested in Gender Studies. We are here to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in Gender Studies and to have a lot of fun! The club generally meets every other Wednesday or Thursday evening, beginning at 5 pm. Past club activities have included pumpkin carving, game nights, karaoke, significant song soirees, YouTube video nights, movie nights, study nights, and, of course, the occasional planning meeting. Please join us!

The Gender Studies club strives to maintain feminist values central to Gender Studies: equity, inclusiveness and celebration of the diversity of people's experiences. For additional information about the Gender Studies club, please contact Chris Talbot at christine.talbot@unco.edu.

Check out some past club activities:

gender studies flyer

gender studies club karaoke

game night gender studies club