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The CEA Critic


General Editor

Jeraldine R. Kraver, University of Northern Colorado

Associate Editor

Peter Kratzke, University of Colorado - Boulder

GradUATE Assistant

Andy Stonehouse


About The CEA Critic

The CEA Critic is the scholarly journal of the College English Association (CEA), a national organization for teachers of college English founded in 1939. The CEA was founded as alternative to the Modern Language Association. In his Preface to a 1972 Peabody Journal of Education issue devoted to "A Look into the Future of College English," the late Earle Labor, a former President of the CEA, describes the CEA was founded "by a group of young radicals in the Modern Language Association who felt that the research-oriented MLA was slighting the concerns of teaching." After 80 years, the CEA continues to foster excellence in college English instruction. It provides a meeting ground for those interested in all areas of English Studies, including literature, culture, creative writing, rhetoric, composition, technical communication, film, media, and pedagogy. Members from all walks of academic life are represented and welcomed. To learn more about the College English Association or to become a member, please visit the CEA website.

As CEA's flagship journal, The CEA Critic began as "the Newsletter of the College English Association." In 1948, with Volume 10, newsletter was replaced by a full-fledged scholarly journal. The CEA Critic has remained in print since that time. The journal continues the goal of its founders, bridging traditional academic scholarship with practical pedagogy. As such, The CEA Critic encompasses a broad range of interests gathered traditionally under English studies and provides a refreshingly sharp academic and practical perspective for teachers and scholars alike.

Since 2012 the journal has been housed at the University of Northern Colorado and published by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Press. In 2017, The CEA Critic will celebrate its 80th year as the flagship publication of the College English Assocation.

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