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After an English M.A.

What can I do with my master's degree?

An M.A. in English can be an asset to students hoping to pursue a variety of career paths. In the past, our graduates have put their education to use in a variety of places, from local high schools to the Iowa caucuses. Many have pursued careers in editing and writing, while others have gone into teaching or administration at high schools or community colleges. Often, students go on to enter doctoral programs in literature or other advanced degree programs in fields such as law, theology, and library science.

  • Teaching (high school or community college): The M.A. in English broadens the student's knowledge of literature and literary theory. Additionally, the M.A. develops close reading, research, and writing skills while offering coursework in rhetoric and composition theory and practice. Recent graduates have found teaching positions at many of the community colleges in Colorado and neighboring states.
  • Doctoral study: The M.A. is a stepping stone for more advanced study of British and American literature, composition, theory, and other fields. UNC graduates have been accepted into Ph.D. programs at many well respected universities, including the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, the University of Colorado–Boulder, Emory University, the University of Iowa, the University of Illinois–Chicago, Indiana University, Kent State University, Marquette University, the University of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, Texas Tech, the University of Wisconsin–Madison, and the University of St. Andrews.
  • Work in other fields: The M.A. in English is excellent preparation for a variety of careers. M.A. students have gone on to hold professional jobs in many industries, including:
      • Editing
      • Publishing
      • Writing
      • Law
      • Library science
      • Public relations
      • Communications

Many recent graduates are working in professional careers in these fields in the Denver area and all over the Front Range. Others are pursuing creative ambitions in the music and arts fields.