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You can prepare for careers in Anthropology by completing internships with museums, forensic labs, and government agencies. Students with bachelor's degrees in anthropology find employment in international development, museums, social services, public health, ethno-tourism, historic preservation, cultural resource management, and many other areas in the public and private sectors. 

Students with a focus in Archaeology find employment in cultural resource management firms, museums, historic preservation, state and national parks, community organizations, and as specialists in geographic information systems or materials analysis.  In this competitive area, field and lab skills as well as a secondary degree, such as a masters or doctorate, are essential for advancement. 

Graduate training at the master's and/or doctoral level is necessary to become a professional anthropologist.

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Recent Job Postings

Montana State Parks: AmeriCorps Program, multiple positions available

Montana State Parks is pleased to announce that we are recruiting for individuals to serve at five different anthropologically significant State Parks, four of which are National Historic Landmarks that begin in April. This is an opportunity to gain experience and training in the fields of outdoor recreation, parks management, interpretive services, education, community outreach, and volunteer management. 

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Wildlife Technician Assistant, State of Colorado

Most of our work involves habitat management and manipulation, along with lots of wetland management.  We do some spring upland game bird habitat, food plots for big game, grass conversions, and lots of water management.  There is a chance this person can also help with game counts and some fishery management as well.

  • Term: April 1 - 30 September 2019 (willing to work around school schedules)
  • Interviewing: starting Feb 25. 


Cory Bullen
Wildlife Technician
Area 3 - Northeast Region

Potential Anthropology Careers

General Anthropology

  • Museums
  • Education/Academia

Cultural Anthropology

  • Non-profit organizations
  • NGOs
  • International corporations


  • Park services
  • Cultural Resource Management firms
  • Geophysics consulting firms
  • State or Federal Government

Biological Anthropology

  • Public health
  • Crime labs
  • Research labs
  • Zoos