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X-Ray Florescence Lab

X-Ray Florescence (XRF) is a technology that allows us to examine the elemental makeup of materials. We can apply this in so many ways to answer anthropological questions! The XRF@UNC lab has opportunities for students to get involved with hands-on research, supports student research projects, and collaborates with community organizations across Colorado and Wyoming. Interested in learning more? Contact Dr. Marian Hamilton (Marian.hamilton@unco.edu) with your research idea or to get involved with ongoing projects. 

Undergraduate instruction in XRF technology is supported by CARES Act funding through UNC. Ongoing XRF research is supported by a sponsored research grant from Bruker Nano.

These are some of the projects supported by the lab since Fall 2021:

Emily Dzhinenko measures a dried leaf.

UNC alumna Emily Dzhinenko measures the elemental composition of a dried Ugandan leaf sample. 

Alex and Emily measure Eocene primate teeth.

UNC undergraduate student Alex Galloway and UNC alumna Emily Dzhinenko at the University of Wyoming’s Geology Museum measuring the elemental composition of Eocene primate teeth. 

Alex Galloway measures the weening age of a horse tooth.

UNC undergraduate student Alex Galloway measures the strontium and calcium content of horse teeth to assess weening age and dietary changes through time.

XRF Lab Photo

Students at work in the XRF Lab.

Contact Dr. Marian Hamilton to learn more!