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Research and Teaching Labs

Archaeological Geophysics Lab

Learn about how anthropology students are using remote sensing methods such as ground-penetrating radar, magnetometry, electrical resistivity, and conductivity, to solve archaeological problems.

Human Skeletal Biology Lab

The UNC Human Skeletal Biology Teaching Lab houses an extensive collection of real human skeletons and plastic replicas that students use for hands-on projects in UNC classes and to test their own hypotheses as part of undergraduate research projects.

X-Ray Fluorescence Lab

X-Ray Florescence (XRF) is a technology that allows us to examine the elemental makeup of materials. UNC anthropology students can apply this in so many ways to answer a variety of anthropological questions.

Laboratory for Ethnographic Training & Analysis (LETA)

The Laboratory for Ethnographic Training and Analysis (LETA) is dedicated to fostering a deep understanding of human experiences, cultures, and societies by equipping students with the necessary skills to conduct rigorous ethnographic research. We empower our students to approach complex global challenges with empathy, critical thinking, and cultural sensitivity.