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COVID-19: News and campus updates | University policies and resources

All in-person classes and activities are canceled at UNC on Monday, Oct. 26. Virtual/Online classes will still occur on normal schedule.
Employees should work remotely as business will continue as usual.

Addtional information at: emergency.unco.edu

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Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

The major in Anthropology includes both interdisciplinary and applied elements designed to better prepare our graduates for post-graduation careers and advanced graduate education opportunities.

The major allows students to develop and complete an interdisciplinary theme of study that goes far beyond a traditional, strictly discipline-based major. Today, with increasing demand for cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills in both old and newly evolving professions, multi-discipline-based degrees are in growing demand. UNC’s anthropology faculty is actively involved in advising and assisting students in the design and implementation of individualized degree programs involving anthropology and its related areas of study within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Minors in Anthropology

Anthropology Minor

The anthropology minor introduces students to the sub-field of cultural, physical and archaeological anthropology within the context of an inquiry based curriculum. 

Multicultural Anthropology Minor

Multicultural Anthropology explores the bases of pluralism and cultural diversity in the U.S. This minor focuses on comparative concepts and issues related to multicultural behavior and group dynamics in contemporary society.