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Gender Studies minor, Rosie Glaser receives award!

Interview by Gender Studies

Gender Studies minor Rosie Glaser recently won the Bob and Bonnie Phelps Family CAP Award, for students who CONTRIBUTE, ACHIEVE, AND PAY IT FORWARD. We chatted with Rosie about her work on campus and her minor in Gender Studies:

GS: Tell us a little about your academic background.

RG: I am a fourth year UNC student majoring in human services with a double minor in gender studies and psychology.

GS: Tell us a little about how you came to win this awesome award?

RG: For the past six months I have been working in partnership with the Center For Women's and Gender Equity and the Center For Peer Education on a campus wide initiative titled "Project M.E.". This project seeks to provide UNC students with increased access to menstrual products by converting preexisting menstrual product dispensers from a coin operated model to a free model. I currently work on UNC's campus as the sexual health peer educator in the Center for Peer and as an event planner for the University Program Council. I am passionate about making UNC an inclusive learning environment and am dedicated to serving UNC's student population through my work.

GS: What made you decide to minor in Gender Studies?

RG: I decided to minor in gender studies my freshman year after taking the course "Gndr 101: Gender and Society". I loved the discussions and different perspectives that were brought up in this course and wanted to continue to have intersectional and identity-based conversations. I also work as an advocate with the Assault Survivor's Advocacy Program on campus and have found that gender studies has been an asset in understanding different layers of gender-based violence.

GS: What do you like best about your Gender Studies minor?

RG: I enjoy the range of topics that fall under the gender studies minor and appreciate the room for customization that this minor offers. I am a human services major and have been able to select gender studies courses that pair well with my major and help me to understand human services on a deeper level. I have also met many wonderful people in my gender studies classes and appreciate the community that the gender studies minor offers.

GS: What would you say to students currently contemplating a Gender Studies minor?

RG: The gender studies courses that I have taken at UNC have helped to prepare me for graduate school and have encouraged me to expand my world view. The research and writing skills that I have developed throughout my time as a gender studies minor have helped me turn my ideas into action. I would encourage you to explore this minor if you are interested in gender justice and want to broaden your world view!

GS: What are your plans for the future?

RG: After receiving my undergraduate degree I hope to further my education by continuing on to a public health graduate program.