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Below you will find insightful Anthropology student papers that incorporate anthropological themes and methods into their work. 

The Evolution of Successful Teamwork

By: Adriana Christiano


 Adriana Christiano (she/her/hers) is in her third year at UNC, and she is studying Business Management with a certificate in Human Resources and a minor in Anthropology. Coming into her freshman year, she took Biological Anthropology with Dr. Marian Hamilton and immediately knew she wanted to keep taking anthropology courses which is why she picked up the minor. This essay was written for the final paper in her Evolutionary Anatomy course,and it gave Adriana the opportunity to connect what she was learning in Human Resource courses to life from an evolutionary perspective. Outside of class, Adriana enjoys doing anything active and outdoors. She is also a member of the Women's Club Soccer team here at UNC. 

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Domestic Violence in Morocco

By: Taylor Lowry, Nour Berrada, and Taher Guendouz

Taylor Lowry

Taylor Lowry is an undergraduate student at the University of Northern Colorado with a major in Criminal Justice/Criminology and Forensic Chemistry and a minor in Anthropology. She spent the Fall 2019 semester studying at Al Akhawayn University in Morocco during which time she worked with Nour and Taher to conduct this study under the guidance of Dr. Catherine Therrien. This study would not have been possible without the insight, hard work, and dedication of the women of these NGOs.

Nour Berrada

Nour is an undergraduate student at Al Akhawayn University (AUI) in Morocco. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Logistics and International Business. Nour also has a deep interest in journalism and anthropology, which she explores through research.

Taher Guendouz 

Taher Guendouz is an undergraduate student at Al Akhawayn University.

Anthropology Ethnographic Self-Study

By: Danny Schnebly

Daniel Schnebly

Daniel Schnebly is currently a Sophomore student majoring in History Education with a Minor in Music. He is a member of Kappa Kappa Psi and plays marching baritone in the UNC Bears Marching and Pep Band and Clarinet in Concert Band and BK Winds. He grew up in Wheat Ridge, a suburb of Denver, with his mother and father along with two older brothers. When not in school or performing he enjoys hanging out with friends, working on cars or giving back to the community through his old Boy Scout Troop where he earned his Eagle rank in 2018.


"Observations at the Boulder County Jail"

By: Elizabeth Graf

 Elizabeth Graf

Elizabeth is a Psychology major, planning to minor in Anthropology and Philosophy. This essay was originally submitted in an Introduction to Cultural Anthropology class taught by Dr. Ather Zia. Elizabeth became passionate about the community in the Boulder County Jail lobby and wants to share her experience with others. While taking this class, her interest in cultural anthropology skyrocketed, and she is excited to learn more about how the world works and make an impact in her own unique way.


"Naming Nature"

By: Maddie Robbins

Maddi Robbins

Maddie Robbins took Dr. Kimball's Contemporary Human Problems class in the fall of 2018. She is majoring in Anthropology and has minors in Chemistry and Criminal Justice & Criminology. This paper is over the book Naming Nature by Carol Yoon and defines what an umwelt is and how it helps us to better understand and appreciate other cultures’ knowledge systems.


"An Overview of the Communities Affecting Rhino Poaching"

By: Randi Olson

 Randi Olson

Randi is a recent Anthropology graduate concentrating in human evolution. She is interested in behavioral research as well as conservation efforts. She began her research with African wildlife in 2017 during a volunteer trip to Saint Lucia, South Africa. During her stay, there was a massive breach of security that resulted in the poaching of multiple rhinos overnight at the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. This event sparked her passion for conservation efforts and showed Randi first-hand the devastating effects of poaching. This piece uses photography to highlight the natural beauty and ecological importance of rhinos across Africa in an effort to convey the currently devastating poaching crisis.


"Expats of the United Arab Emirates"

By Ruqyah Sweidan

Ruqyah Sweidan

Ruqyah Sweidan is an anthropology major with a minor in art history, and passion for gender studies, communication, and political anthropology. Even though the Middle East is where she grew up, she will never stop finding interesting things that are novel to her to write about. As a person apart yet separate, Ruqyah gathered significant data about her mother and her community of friend’s experiences which no one in the US would have heard about unless Ruqyah did her own research. Ruqyah’s ethnography tackles the inner network of Arab women in America, using interviews, participant observation, and self-reflection.

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"Lincoln Logs"

By Dustin Hickok

Dustin Hickok

In Michael Kimball’s Anthropology and Contemporary Human Problems, student Dustin Hickok, a psychology major with minors in music and anthropology, submitted this essay about the discourse surrounding the enduring debate between lumpers (known for placing multiple animals into a single category) and splitters (for separating animals based on individual traits) as well as the unwelt, taxonomy, and naming nature.

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