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Graduate School Survey Results

The Graduate School currently administers two online surveys, the Quality of Life Survey and Exit Survey, to graduate students at UNC. The objective of both surveys is to obtain information about students’ satisfaction with their experience as a graduate student at UNC. The data collected allows the Graduate School to identify areas where additional resources are needed and factors that impact retention and graduation.

Quality of Life

The Quality of Life survey evaluates how well UNC and the Graduate School meets the needs of current graduate students to further improve their quality of life. The survey also assesses students’ opinions about their experiences at UNC. The survey is distributed annually.

The Quality of Life Survey Fall 2019:

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Exit Survey

The Exit Survey is completed by UNC’s masters, specialist and doctoral students who have graduated. The survey assesses students’ opinions about their experiences at the university. Besides some general satisfaction questions, questions focused on satisfaction with program faculty, mentoring, the thesis and dissertation process if applicable, Center for Career Readiness and employment. The survey is distributed three times a year.