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Financial responsibilities and account access

  • Overview of Responsibilities

    All employees are entrusted with the responsibility of preserving University resources and using those resources in a prudent manner for their designated purposes, as prescribed by policies, laws, regulations, and rules, as well as contract, grant and donor restrictions.

    Depending on your job duties and responsibilities, you may have the ability to view financial transactions in Banner Finance or Insight Reports, and you may also be given the responsibility to sign off or approve financial transactions on behalf of your department and the University.

    By accepting authority to approve internal and/or external transactions, you agree to fully review all transactions under your responsibility, up to your authorized dollar limit, before approving them to ensure that they meet the minimum requirements detailed below. By approving a document you verify that:

    • Funds are available for the purchase and will not cause a budget or cash deficit.
    • The purchase is being made for official University business and that it supports the mission of the University.
    • There are supporting source documents to support the transaction.
    • The transaction (revenue / expense) is correctly coded to the correct Fund, Organization, Account, Program (FOAP) and Activity codes.
    • There has been proper segregation of duties so that no one employee controls all phases of a transaction and at least two people were involved in the decision.
    • For grant and foundation funds, the financial transaction is in compliance with sponsor and donor stipulations and restrictions.
    • That the transaction meets the ethical standards of the University as required by University of Northern Colorado Board Policies:
        • 1-1-502 Conflict of Interest - A University employee shall disclose to his or her immediate supervisor all facts and circumstances related to any University transactions, activities, contracts or other dealings in which they are involved or may become involved on behalf of the University which might directly or indirectly involve them in a conflict of interest. Under Colorado Law, CRS 18-8-308, failing to disclose a conflict of interest is a class 2 misdemeanor.
        • 1-1-504 Nepotism - It shall be deemed to be a conflict of interest for an employee to serve in a supervisory capacity over a relative or dependent. For the purposes of this policy, a relative shall be deemed to be any person within the 5th degree of consanguinity and a dependent shall be defined by the Internal Revenue Code.
        • 1-1-505 Outside Activities - Employees may not compete with the University or convert business opportunities of the University to their personal gain or advantage or the gain or advantage of another. Employees may not convert confidential information or trade secrets of the University to their personal gain or advantage or the gain or advantage of others

    Finance and accounting provides training to help you understand your role and responsibilities as it relates to financial accountability at the University. Please review Finance Training 1.10 and if you have any questions, individual training is always available from the accounting and finance staff upon request.

    For additional information, please refer to UNC Fiscal Rules.

  • Insight Access

    Within Insight, there are many different views. Each view corresponds to different areas on campus.

    University and Academic views are automatically given to each University staff member who request Insight access and does not require additional authorization. Other employee types including, but not limited to, student employees, University aides, teaching assistants and graduate assistants do not have any automatic access to Insight so they will need to submit the Insight Security form for any access needed.

    In order to obtain access, your supervisor will need to:

    • Visit the Information and Technology home page
    • Click on the "Search our Knowledge Base" section
    • Click on Insight Access Request on the left hand side under Popular Resources
    • Complete form and submit