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Xeric Garden

The Landscaping & Grounds department works in collaboration with the City of Greeley to maintain the Xeric Demonstration Garden and other community gardens.

Xeric Park

The Landscaping & Grounds department strives to provide a quality campus setting that can be enjoyed by all, and it is our desire that visitors to our campus will experience the beauty of our campus.

Our Xeric Demonstration Garden is part of our mission to encourage and promote water conservation. 

We currently maintain and promote our Xeric Garden and respective community garden plots, and we foster its use for education and enjoyment.

We also strive to educate the UNC community in the proper care of our trees and to discourage littering, vandalism and damage to our campus landscape.


This 5-acre site provides an opportunity for the community to learn how to save water in their own landscapes through good landscape planning and irrigation design.

The emphasis is on selection of native and low-water use plants and drip irrigation are prevalent in this demonstration garden.

The Landscape Master plan includes a directive that requires at least 20% of new landscape
of new landscape designs be Xeric (low water –use) in nature.

The recent Butler Hancock Addition was awarded the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold, due to its low water use landscape plants and drip irrigation systems.

  • Xeric Landscapes compose about 8% of the total landscaped acreage on campus.
  • The Xeric Demonstration Garden is located at 17th Ave and Reservoir Road, east of Judy Farr.