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Campus Tree Trails

Campus Tree Trails to be Updated

There are three self-guided tours on Campus.  The trail heads are located at the Visitor Center, Ross Hall Courtyard and the Main entrance to the University Center.  The tree trails are marked with simple Blue posts with gold Numbers engraved on them.

Due to the timing, duration of some severe temperatures drops in 2014-15 the University had experienced a high rate of tree mortality. Nearly 160 trees succumbed to those temperature extremes.  As a result, some of these tree losses included some of our trees designated on our Tree Trails.

Tree Trail 24 Photo

Also, with the Construction of the Campus Commons building, about 46 trees are slated for removal to make room for the new building.  We did, however manage to salvage six trees prior to construction. Needless to say, some University Center Tree Trail trees were lost.

So once the Campus commons is completed and the new landscape finished, efforts to update the tree trails will begin.  So look for an updated edition come 2018-19.  In the meantime you may see temporary signs where trees are missing on our tree trails.

Take a tour of our Campus as you walk our tree trails.