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Snow Removal

One of our goals is to provide a campus environment that does not pose a risk to the UNC community, and we strive to remedy and/or remove any potential hazards on the campus ground.

The Department of Landscaping & Grounds is responsible for snow removal duties at the UNC Campus. These duties include operations of snow brooms, plows, sand spreaders, front-end loaders, skid-steers loaders, as well as basic hand shoveling, snow-blowers, and the application of chemical ice melt products.

We utilize various weather websites to track storms and to provide information to Grounds personnel and the UNC Police. 

This allows for better planning and preparation to respond to any particular storm front. 
The UNC Police will notify the Manager for Landscaping & Grounds of snow conditions on campus by phone at any given day and hour.

Snow removal operations are divided between West, Central Campus and East Campus. 
During any particular snow event, our department performs snow removal duties during a 3am- 11am daily shift or until snow removal efforts are complete. 

Snow Removal Priorities
Priorities are based on an Orange, Green and Blue code system: In the event where heavy snow accumulations occur during university business hours, snow removal efforts will be focused on select sidewalks and building access points (Orange Priority). This is to enable crews to maintain at least one clear path to each building. See the Snow Removal Plan priorities section for details.

Parking Lots 
Priorities have been established on the same Orange, Green and Blue code system. For larger snow amounts a contractor will be utilized to supplement our staff.

Special Events
Landscaping & Grounds is also responsible in assisting with special events and conference programs preparation.

We track the university calendar for events on campus and ensure snow removal efforts are made prior and during events, such as theatre, music performances, athletic events or conferences, banquets, receptions, etc.
For responses to any special snow–related concerns call the Department Manager,
Sarah Boyd, at (970) 351-1263 or the
Service Center at (970) 351-2446.