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Mentoring Program

First-year Cumbres students (including transfer students) will be matched with a current teacher and expected to volunteer in his/her classroom throughout the academic year.  Many of these teachers are former Cumbres students or community partners who have worked with us before, and are familiar with the program and our mission.

The Goal

The goal of the mentorship component is to connect you with a local teacher to gain access and experience from the teacher's point of view.  This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the profession and help you determine that education is the right career for you.

Expectations of Mentees (Cumbres Freshmen and Transfers)

  • Form a working, professional, and personal relationshship with your mentor
  • Initiate all meetings and keep track of your reflection papers and turn them in on time

Expectations of Mentors

  • Meet with students a minimum of twice per semester.  More meetings are welcomed!
  • Communicate openly with Cumbres Staff
  • Be a positive role model for Cumbres students
  • Provide real-world advice and experience for teacher candidates


Mentor Reflection Papers are Due:

  • Friday, May 5